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Top 10 Ocean Tech Solutions Companies In Europe - 2022

The technological revolution has fuelled the emergence of new trends in marine engineering. The new changes in the marine industry are focused on resolving problems such as environmental pollution and fuel crisis, among others. Also, the latest technologies like 3D printing, data analytics, robotics, and much more have equipped ship owners with the necessary tools to address ship emissions and fleet management.

Notably, the implementation of 3D printing technology has enabled ship manufacturing companies to enhance their part production process. It has facilitated the design and development of advanced maritime vessels, enabling sophisticated geometrics and electrical circuits. Alongside, skipperless cargo ships have increased efficiency and reduced emissions by eliminating the need for accommodation of crew, along with the integration of existing sensor technology with improved decision-making algorithms. Besides, AR and VR technologies are becoming mainstream and are poised for enormous growth. This has enabled engineers to design augmented vision displays for their divers a kind of waterproof, supercharged version of Google Glass. This new tech is allowing commercial divers, search and rescue teams to complete complex tasks with visibility near zero and integrates data feeds from sonar sensors and intel from surface support teams. This is, however, only one of the many innovations seen in the sector right now.

At this juncture, there are a variety of ocean tech solution providers available in the market that cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the company that best fits their requirement, Applied Technology Review has compiled a list of the top 10 ocean tech solution providers in Europe. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you Applied Technology Review’s, “Top 10 Ocean Tech Solution Providers in Europe – 2022”.

    Top Ocean Tech Solutions Companies In Europe

  • Founded in 2015, Clinton Marine Survey aims to bring cost effective solutions to the offshore survey industry while minimizing the carbon footprint

  • Algoryx Simulation

    Algoryx Simulation

    Algoryx is a software company that creates interactive and immersive multiphysics simulation software with cutting-edge visual effects, education, research, and engineering with a high-fidelity real-time physics engine used for mutiple simulation of robots, heavy vehicles, cranes, marine systems, granular materials, and many other. Algoryx also offers research and development (R&D) services in relation to the products, technology, and core competencies.

  • Argeo


    Argeo uses cutting edge autonomous underwater vehicles equiped with sensors and digital imaging technology. from shallow water to the deepest oceans, the company's extremely accurate digital models and digital twin solutions are based on geophysical, hydrographic, and geological techniques help in business areas such as Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, and Deep Sea Minerals.

  • CLS Group

    CLS Group

    CLS, a worldwide firm and pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance technologies for the Earth since 1986, is a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CNP. Their objective is to deploy cutting-edge satellite-based monitoring systems in order to better understand and safeguard our planet, as well as sustainably manage its resources.

  • Datawell


    Datawell is a privately held corporation that designs and manufactures oceanographic measurement tools. Their most well-known product is the Waverider, which comes in two versions: sensor-based and GPS-based. These buoys can also monitor air temperature, surface current speed and direction in addition to wave height, direction, and sea surface temperature.

  • Helzel


    Helzel Messtechnik offers the services needed to setup HF radar equipment and software to meet operational needs. They collaborate with local service providers to give the most effective and finest service to their global users. Their WERA system is the most adaptable ocean radar currently available. It's the only system that can use either a small antenna system or an array antenna. This allows everyone to freely discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies with their clients in order to determine the appropriate configuration for individual applications.

  • Ocean Robotics

    Ocean Robotics

    The company aims to provide clients with modular Ocean Robotics systems ,with theit adatability to any layout the robots can be a solid base to build any research ROV, with sensors and actuators from any manufacturer or custom made.The development is carried out in close collaboration with their clients. They've followed a well-thought-out methodology centred on modular design and scalability from the beginning. As a result, they have developed the capacity to offer goods that fit the unique demands of their clients across a wide variety of activities.

  • Omega Engineering

    Omega Engineering

    the company is able to spot possible logistic difficulties early and work to rectify them as they arise thanks to their knowledge of local and international contractors, a range of American and European suppliers, and international ocean and air freight shipping businesses. The company also focus on Integration of technology and management to innovative in long term cost effective project solutions for their customers.

  • planblue


    Planblue is company that aims on building a global seafloor database with underwater satellites. merging data-rich hyperspectral and RGB photos with underwater navigation and artificial intelligence, planblue standardise and automate seabed monitoring. their interactive seabed maps make a lot of information easy to understand.Plastic trash contamination on the seafloor, for example, is an issue that their technology can observe and measure.

  • Radac


    Their directional wave radar accurately measures wave direction, wave height, wave period and tide. No water contact, no maintenance and no (re-) calibration. The directional wave radar comes in two versions: the Compact version and the Explosion proof version. They offer free maintenance and their product does not require re-calibration aswell as including up-to 5 years of internal data storage.

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